The program 

You as a participant, you’ll have a unique chance to experience life in the U.S. as more than just a tourist. You  will also be able to share your own traditions and culture with the American people, as well as other international students.
What makes this experience so special is that when you go home, you'll have a lot more than great memory and some cool photos. You'll also have an international work experience that will make your CV or resume get the most attention! When applying for a job, chances are that your work experience in the United States will move your CV to the top of the list!


Working togather since 2008

Work & Travel USA makes it possible for international students to explore life in the United States with maximum freedom and at minimum cost. The Work & Travel Program is designed so that overseas students can become more than tourists, experiencing life in the U.S. firsthand by working alongside U.S. citizens in temporary employment. Not only does this unique opportunity allow for a genuine "U.S. experience," it helps cover travel expenses!!!  


 Requirements to Participate in Work and Travel USA?

To be eligible for the Work & Travel USA program, you must:

  1. Be between 18 and 28 years old.
  2. Be registered as a full-time student at an accredited university or other state-recognized institution of post-secondary education. The degree/diploma course that you are registered for must be at least 2 years in duration. Students pursuing post-graduate courses, such as master's courses, are also eligible.
  3. Be skillful enough in the English language to adequately communicate in an English-speaking work environment.

Work placement details

During the summer, you will work side by side with your U.S. Employers at temporary entry-level jobs. It allows you to earn modest spending money and, at the same time, offset some living and travel expenses during your stay.

Types of Jobs

  • Resort 
  • Hotel Work
  • Restaurant Work
  • Theme Parks

- All Jobs are seasonal jobs

- Job duteis can include  Housekeeping,lifguarding

 Operating rides or handling a register

Program duration

Work & Travel USA allows eligible students to work in the USA for a maximum of 4 months and to travel at the end of their working period for up to a maximum of 25 days. All Work & Travel USA participants must note that they can only work and travel within the program dates.

 Place to live

You have three options to get housing: 

  • Pre arranged housing (by your employer)

In this type your house is suggested by your employer, and you have decision to live on it or not, if you got it you have to rent it with low cost, or he will make it free to you.

  • Pre arranged housing (through us)

If the employer doesn't provide housing, we will help you to find house where ever you will work, usually you should share it with students traveling with you.

  • Pre arranged housing (through you)

You can arrange your housing by you through searching, ads, sites, relations…etc 








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