CAP:Interns/Trainees USA program

Stationcom offers international university students, recent graduates and young professionals the opportunity to become an Intern or Trainee in a U.S business. These structured and guided work-based learning programs must be in the intern or trainee's specific academic or occupational field. Through our sponsor CCI which is designated by the U.S. Department of State to offer these J1 Exchange Visitor Programs in the following categories:

  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Business, Management, Finance and Commerce

Since 1985, CCI has been man aging cultural and academic exchange programs and is considered a leader in the international education field. The Career Advancement Program for Interns and Trainees is a wonderful chance for participants and U.S. businesses to share ideas, gain new perspectives and increase their knowledge of each other's cultures. ]]>



Intern vs Trainee: What is the Difference?

The Department of State regulations defines Intern and Trainee as the following: 



A foreign national who is currently enrolled in and pursuing studies at a degree- or
certificate-granting post-secondary
academic institution outside the United
States - OR - graduated from such an institution no more than 12 months prior to his/her program start date.

A foreign national who has a degree or professional certificate from a foreign post-secondary academic institution and at least one year of prior related work experience in his/her occupational field acquired outside the United States - OR - five years of work experience outside the United States in his/her occupational field.

 Maximum program duration: 12 months

 Maximum program duration: 18 months, except Hospitality training programs are limited to a maximum duration of 12 months.

 Program Requirements

In addition to meeting the general eligibility requirements, Interns must have a high level of proficiency in English and Trainees must be fluent in English in order to effectively participate in their program.

Every intern and trainee is required to complete the DS-7002, Training/Internship Placement Plan (T/IPP) in coordination with their host organization. All T/IPPs must state specific goals and objectives of the training or internship program as well as detail the knowledge, skills or techniques to be learned by the trainee or intern during the course of their program.

Program Placement Options

Stationcom in Cooperation with CCI requires all participants to secure a valid training or internship prior to arrival in the U.S.

Self-placed (SP): Participants arrange their own training or internship with a U.S. host organization and are responsible for securing their own accommodation.

Full Program (FP): Participants can apply to a specific training or internship through CCI's sending partner in their home country. So we the sending partner is responsible for screening participants and ensuring that they meet the host organization's requirements. Accommodation on this option is generally identified for the participant by the host organization. 

Sample Industries: Hospitality/Tourism

  • Hotels and resorts
  • Ski lodges
  • Restaurants
  • Culinary arts

Sample Industries: Management/Business/Finance and Commerce

  • Advertising firms
  • Software companies
  • Financial institutions
  • Market research companies

What’s Included?*

  • J-1 visa sponsorship
  • Medical insurance
  • Application processing
  • Web/phone interview with CCI and/or host organization
  • Optional orientation in Chicago
  • Continuous CCI support while in the U.S.
  • Placement guarantee
  • Site visit to host organization, if required
  • Identification of housing leads 

    *Varies, depending on which program option is chosen 

What’s Not Included?

  • Accommodation expenses
  • Meals
  • International airfare
  • Transportation in the U.S.
  • Personal spending 


عقود لبرنامج التدريب في الولايات المتحدة الامريكيه

        منتجع في ولاية يوتاه / الولايات المتحده الامريكيه  بحاجة الى متدربين للعمل لديها لمده لا تقل عن 10 شهور ، وبراتب 10:30 دولار /للساعة البداية في شهر       2/2012 والنهايه في 12/2012 :

  • العمل دوام كامل 40 ساعة بالاسبوع،5 ايام ،8 ساعات
  • المستوى ممتاز باللغه الانجليزيه
  • تقدم وجبه مجانيه خلال العمل (خلال 8 ساعات )
  • السكن مؤمن (شقة بأيجار 250 دولار/شهر )
  • الخبرة المطلوبه :
    1. طعام وشراب او
    2. خدمة الضيافة والغرف او
    3. فنون الطهي

       منتجع سياحي في ولاية كالورادو/ الولايات المتحده الامريكيه  بحاجة الى متدربين للعمل لديها لمده لا تقل عن سنه، وبراتب

10:30 دولار /للساعة البداية بأسرع وقت ممكن :

  • العمل دوام كامل 32- 40 ساعة بالاسبوع،5 ايام ،8 ساعات
  • المستوى ممتاز باللغه الانجليزيه
  • السكن مؤمن
  • الخبرة المطلوبه :
    1. خبره في الضيافه والتدقيق الليلي

        منتجع وفندق  سياحي في ولاية كالفورنيا/ الولايات المتحده الامريكيه  بحاجة الى متدربين للعمل لديها لمده لا تقل عن سنه، وبراتب 8-10  دولار /للساعة ودوام اضافي    براتب 12 دولار/ساعة البداية بأسرع وقت ممكن :

  • العمل دوام كامل 25-40 ساعة بالاسبوع،5 ايام
  • المستوى ممتاز باللغه الانجليزيه
  • تقدم وجبه مجانيه خلال العمل (خلال 8 ساعات )
  • السكن مؤمن (شقة بأيجار 330 دولار/شهر )
  • الخبرة المطلوبه :
    1. طعام وشراب فنون الطهي
    2. القدرة على التنقل ما بين hosting/bartending/serving



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